Do you really need an alarm response service?

  • Published on: 15 February 2017
  • By: Admin
Alarm Response Service

It is easy to answer ‘no’ to this without thinking through the full implications.  Maybe you have a small company and think you don’t really need it, it’s not worth paying for the service.  You have members of staff who live nearby and can be called on to come out and reset the alarm if it goes off when no-one is there.

It’s always worked in the past

There are a significant number of company owners or managers who take this view, and 99% of the time the system works fine.

However, …. what about that time when it doesn’t? 

The potential for something to go wrong is always there and the chances are that the staff member involved won’t be prepared or trained to manage the situation.

Your company is responsible for the safety and welfare of staff, and by asking them to go out in the middle of the night to check when an alarm has gone off you are putting them at risk.

What if it isn’t a false alarm and your staff member arrives to find an intruder on site? 

In a situation where an intruder is still on site there can be any number of outcomes.  If a fully trained and licensed Security Officer responds to the alarm they will be able to assess the situation and employ the correct procedures and actions.  The same result may not be achieved if you or a member of your staff responds.

Cost V’s Benefits of professional alarm response

There are many benefits of outsourcing your alarm response services to a professional security company such as Leisuresec.  It isn’t simply the risk of interrupting an intruder, there can be many other knock-on-effects to your staff and in turn to your business.

Have you thought about the cost of not outsourcing?


  • Removes the risk to you and your staff and avoids potential compensation claims if an accident or injury occurs, or even corporate manslaughter for gross breach of a duty of care.
  • Improves your staff morale; no more disturbances at inconvenient times ruining social occasions.
  • Prevents disruption to work; if staff are called out overnight they are likely to be less productive the next day.  Ensure they’re able to focus on what they are good at, and what you’re paying them to do.
  • All scenarios will be dealt with safely; you can be confident that SIA licensed, vetted and trained Security Officers will attend your premises.
  • The response will be quick and simple.  No need to work your way through the list of keyholders to find someone available, a stressful and time consuming activity. All calls will be handled by our 24-hour control room, and regional patrol officers will be quickly dispatched.
  • Your premises will be cleaned up after an incident. The security officer will remain onsite, organising and overseeing any work needed to secure your premises
  • You’ll receive a full report, which is instantly available to you if using Leisuresec’s Focal Point management app.
  • You could reduce your insurance premiums; adding security to your premises is sure to be well received by your insurance company.  And do you know if you are covered for a staff member to respond?
  • You know your keys will be safe - security coded, stored securely and covered by our insurance

So what should you do?

Visit our Keyholding & Alarm Response page for details on Leisuresec’s procedures and contact us for a quote.