Airport Travel Advice

  • Published on: 10 July 2018
  • By: Paula
Airport Travel Advice

Airport Security

Getting though airport security can be a challenge at the start (and at the end) of your trip, and with summer holiday season starting it is worth considering how you can help the Officers speed up the security process.  A few minutes taken to follow these simple steps will be well worth it when you breeze through security without delay.

Metal items
You know anything metallic will set off the alarms, so place all such items in a small pouch that you can slip into the side compartment of your hand luggage for easy retrieval once you’ve passed through the checks.  Remember cuff links, watches, wedding rings, ear rings and metallic strips on credit cards will all give a reading on a sensitive scanner.

We recommend wearing slip-on shoes and if possible avoid clothing requiring a belt, or otherwise place your belt in your hand luggage until you’ve been screened.  

Electronic devices
Place your mobile phone and any other electronic devices in a secure but easily accessible section of your hand luggage so you can get to them quickly.  

Full-body scanner checks
If you choose not to undergo a scanner check after setting off the alarm be prepared for delays as most airports are not set up with a dedicated person of the same sex on standby for searches.

Bear in mind that whilst you might be thinking about your health and the avoidance of radiation when you decline a scanner check, the security personnel will have a very different mindset.  Their first concern is to be thorough in their search of you and your property in order to ensure your reluctance to be scanned is legitimate.

Lost or damaged luggage

It is worth taking a photograph of your luggage, ideally at the airport with something identifiable in the background.  In the event your luggage is damaged or missing you will be able to prove the undamaged condition prior to check-in.

Report any losses ASAP
You will need to report any damage as quickly as possible, and your time and date stamped photograph will provide evidence that the damage was done during loading at departure or unloading upon arrival.  Searching for missing luggage will also be simpler using a photograph rather than a description for baggage handlers, especially when more than one language is involved.

Essential items
It can also be a sensible precaution to pack a set of light clothing and any essentials in your hand luggage.

Identifiable bags
Having an easily identifiable case and securely attached contact details, inside and outside, will be helpful too. If you need someone to search for it in a sea of lost black or grey cases this could mean minutes rather than hours.

Remember to remove all old bar code luggage tags to avoid any possible confusion.

Making a claim
It is worth noting that there is a general guide for what can be claimed in terms of loss or damage to luggage when you’re travelling.  According to the Montreal Convention airlines are responsible for the bags they allow you to check in.  There is a limit to their liability however; “Unless you make a special declaration of interest in the delivery of your luggage, the most an airline can pay you is €1,131 Special Drawing Rights.”

And most importantly ...

Have a great holiday
Don’t let the airport experience ruin your trip; take these few simple precautions before you travel to ensure you have a smooth journey, so you can start and end your holiday feeling relaxed.